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Can Exercise Help Cure A Hangover?

Posted by Mike Gales on

There is a myth that circulates throughout the fitness community that you can sweat your way to recovery after a night of drinking. I’m sorry to report that the myth just isn’t true. Your hangover is due to dehydration and sweating more without replenishing yourself will just dehydrate you even further. Just like drinking coffee or the hair of the dog, sweating it out will be counterproductive.

Your best course of action would be to fully rest up and properly re-hydrate yourself. Everlast Nutrition makes an excellent re-hydration drink called FUEL, if you're interested in trying that out.

For the optimal effect I would consume a stick of Fuel the night before going out with 500ml of water and continue to have a cup of water for every drink that you have throughout the evening. A little prevention during your celebrations can go a long way to making sure you don't suffer the day after. 

If you're set on not missing a gym visit, kudos's to you, stick to some light cardio and stretching. Keep a water bottle close and keep hydrating. As tempted as you may be, you should avoid lifting those heavy weights when your head is pounding like a drummer in a marching band. It’s just not worth risking an injury because you were distracted, weak or used improper technique. The weights will still be there in a couple days when you are back your usual self again. 

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