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Going to the Gym Will Make you a Better Lover

Posted by Mike Gales on

It’s February and we find ourselves in colder weather, yet we also begin to feel our hearts warming up a little with the thought of Valentine’s Day. It is at this time of year that our imaginations begin to run wild with the idea of a sensual rendezvous with our sweetheart or someone new that we want to get know a little more intimately. In keeping touch with that theme I wanted to write this article to enlighten my readers on Why I know for a fact that regular exercise will make you better between the sheets. I am going to reveal why going to the gym is guaranteed to make you a better lover and the number one reason is probably not what you think.

Increased Blood Flow

When you exercise your body has a greater needed for oxygen and it will meet that demand by increasing the rate at which blood will flow throughout your body. That improved blood flow delivers more nutrients to both your organs and muscles which can improve their overall functionality. That can translate into your sexual organs and your brain for that matter. Think of exercise as nature’s very own Viagra.

Strength and Agility

We have all seen that movie where the leading man seductively scoops up the woman in his arms and then places her ever so delicately down on the bed. When you routinely exercise you will increase muscles and agility. It would be a real mood breaker if you pulled your back “mid scoop” or even worse dropped your starlet on the floor.


Adding a stretching routine to your regular fitness regimen can really help you limber up and make getting in and out of those must try positions you always read about a little less awkward.

Energy and Stamina

25 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity only 3 days per week has been shown to improve cardiac function. If you plan on partaking in some vigorous sexual activity this Valentine’s Day make sure to have some extra endurance so that you’re not gasping for air, sweating profusely or god forbid passing out mid-session.

Rising Tides

Did you know that training large muscle groups by using compound exercises like squats has been shown to raise testosterone levels? Testosterone is the male sex hormone and increased levels of testosterone have been associated with increased levels of libido. Not only can going to the gym improve your physical performance; it can also increase your desire for sex.

Look and Feel Good

Exercise can improve your body composition so you can sculpt a look for yourself that just screams out sexy. Getting in better shape has a greater consequence than of all of those physical changes combined; becoming physically fit has the psychological benefit of making a person feel better about themselves. When you feel more confident about yourself, you can let go of certain anxieties. It is usually during our sexual encounters that we are the most self-conscious and vulnerable to our own self-criticism. Those fears and anxieties about your physical shape are a distraction that can get in the way of you and your partner connecting on a much deeper level.

Call it your aura, your energy, your vibe or whatever you want to call it but other people can sense your emotional state. When you feel uncomfortable about yourself it makes those around you feel uncomfortable as well. When you exercise regularly, your self-perception will begin to change and you will bring that new self-confidence and vibe with you into the bed room.

Your brain will shift its focus and you will no longer be obsessed with your own insecurities. If you can let go of those body issues and anxieties for just a few minutes, you will finally be able to focus and experience what is actually happening in that very moment. Your attention will be solely on your partner and the interaction that is taking place between the two of you and that my friend I guarantee, will make you a better lover. 

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