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How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing/MMA

Posted by Mike Gales on

"Protect yourself at all times" is the mantra of boxing and if you are going to start some Boxing or MMA training then the health of your hands is where you should begin. I would suggest that you never even attempt to hit the bag or focus mitts without properly wrapping your hands. In fact, I would say that the wraps are more important than the gloves. There is no point in injuring your hands so badly that you need to take a few weeks off so that they can recover. Like anything else consistency will be the key to improving your fitness and skill level. It will be pretty tough to stay consistent with beat up and broken hands.

  • A common problem: Many people just wind the wraps around their knuckles and wrists. The problem with that is that after a few punches the wraps will move and will now longer be protecting your knuckles.
  • The solution: Pictures are worth a thousand words and below I will demonstrate the way that I wrap my hands for boxing. There is a method to this madness because if you wrap your hands in this fashion, not only will you protect your knuckles and stabilize your hands and wrist, they will stay protected because the wrap is not going to move after your first couple of punches. Remember, practice this technique and you will be able to speed up the process.


At one end of the wrap is a loop. Hook that loop over your thumb.


Make a few passes around your wrist to add some rigidity to it.


Make a few passes around your knuckles to provide a good foundation for protection. Don't wrap too tightly because you do not want to restrict blood flow to your hand.


This is the step that will make a world of difference. You want to pass the wrap from the base of your thumb and then go between your fingers. This will hold down that foundation of wrap over your knuckles in place.


Pass the wrap between all of your fingers. I like to start at the "pinky" and finish with the index finger.


Hold those passes of wrap between your fingers down by making one or two more passes around the knuckles.


Make one pass around the thumb and then return to wrapping the wrist.


Make sure that the velcro is not directly touching your skin as that will cause irritation. Then simply push the velcro in place to secure your wrap.


Before you place the gloves on, open and close your hand a few times to make sure that the wrap is not to loose or too tight.


Now you are ready to get out there and train your little heart out. Notice that even if the wrap moves, you don't need to worry it because your knuckles are well protected.

Boxing and MMA training are great ways to stay motivated and get into great shape. Wrapping your hands properly will ensure that you are able to get the most out of those workouts because you will not have to worry about causing a needless injury to your hands.

If you are still a little confused then check out the video.

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