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If You Skip This Exercise, You Don't Know Squat

Posted by Mike Gales on

If you took a survey of 5000 professional athletes or bodybuilders and  asked them about the one exercise they could not do without, what do you think that answer would be? Squats! Squats are often referred to as the king of all exercises because they work a huge amount of muscle. This includes your butt, quads, hamstrings and the muscles of your core. You would be hard-pressed to find any professional athlete who does not incorporate squats into their fitness regimen. Yet most average gym-goers avoid doing squats like the plague.

Squats are hard work and most people generally find them to be uncomfortable. They would rather do 20 repetitions of the leg curls or extensions then do 15 repetitions of squats that will leave them gasping for breath. Squats are not easy, but they are definitely worth the effort. Off all the exercise, squats will have the biggest impact on your physique. If your ultimate goal and reason for going to the gym is getting great results then don't shy away from adding these butt, core and leg burners into your repertoire. Here are 4 big reasons to get your squat on.


Squats build muscle. Get more bang for your buck as you train a host of different muscles with only one movement. As a perk, doing squats has been proven to raise that muscle building testosterone level in your body.*

Burn Baby Burn

Squats burn fat. The actual squats burn calories, when you pack on more lean muscle by doing squats that new muscle will need the energy to survive. That will equate to a rise in your metabolism which will have you burning extra fat all day long.

Strength for Function

Squats build functional strength. Aside from making your muscles larger, squats will also make them stronger. Your muscles will gain strength in a pattern that you will actually use in your daily activities. That will leave you feeling more athletic and less prone to injuries.

Does My Butt Look Good in These Pants?

Squats help you look aesthetically pleasing. If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then this is the ultimate exercise for you. Adding squats to your regime will really help you sculpt your bum and legs leaving you looking great in a pair of shorts this summer.

Now that you're convinced adding squats into your routine are worth it, learn how to squat properly to avoid injuries. Squats are perfectly safe when they are performed correctly.


  • Keep your head up and eyes looking up because that will ensure that your spine stays straight.
  • Do not use your lower back to lift the weight; you must use your legs! You should be bending at the knee and hip and not at the lower back.
  • Keep your weight more towards the heels of your feet. Imagine pressing the weight through your heels.
  • Use your knees and toes as a check point. Make sure your knees are not ahead of your toes. If they are then you are leaning too far forward and putting unneeded pressure on your knees.
  • As a general rule, you want to inhale on the negative phase as you lower yourself down and exhale as you exert force and use the powerful muscles of your legs to squat back up.

Check out this great video demonstration:

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