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Intermediate Heavy Bag Workout

Posted by Mikes Gales on

Hopefully, you have given “The Heavy Bag for Beginner’s Routine” a try and you have gotten used to throwing all of the basics punches. Now that you feel comfortable with the mechanics of each individual punch, let’s start putting the punches together into combinations. Being able to use both arms consecutively and string punches together will greatly increase your work rate, making this type of workout a calorie killer. If you are looking for a fun and exciting method of training, that I will improve your cardiovascular system and tone up your muscles, then look no further. You have definitely found it! So without further ado … let’s move on to the Intermediate Heavy Bag Workout.

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The Goal of the Intimidate Heavy Gag Routine;

  • Learn how to properly throw each punch in a combination.
  • Help to develop the muscles involved in throwing the punches.
  • Have your brain, muscles, and central nervous system become more efficient at the movement patterns involved with punching.
  • Learn to control the heavy bag.
  • Get your body used to an interval style of training.
  • Increase both your stamina and muscular endurance.
  • Destroy some calories.

The Intermediate Routine will consist of;

  • 6 rounds.
  • 3 minutes each round.
  • 1 minutes of rest between each round.

In the Beginner’s Routine, each round was comprised of 100 repetitions of a particular punch. In this Intermediate Routine, we will aim for 3 connective minutes of nonstop punching followed by one minute of rest. That type of interval training mimics would happen in a real boxing match.

Rule Number One, is to protect yourself at all times. Hitting the heavy bag in one of the best ways on the planet to destroy some calories but you must always be aware that boxing is a contact sport. You may not be planning to compete but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get injured none the less. It is imperative that you learn to properly protect your hands by wearing both hand wraps and boxing gloves. It may also help if understand some of the basic concepts of heavy bag training.

  • Learn how to properly wrap your hands
  • Choosing the right style of glove
  • Learn the basics of a Heavy Bag workout

Once you have ensured that your hands are properly protected, we can begin. You may wish to use your smartphone as a timer to keep track of the rounds. Below are just a few things to keep in mind for each round.

  • Snap your punches (return them as quick as possible to the start position)
  • Keep the hand that is not throwing punches up for defense.
  • Exhale as you strike the bag.
  • Control the bag and do not push it.
  • Remember to make contact with the bag using your knuckles.
  • Throw the punches nonstop for the whole three minutes.
  • Try to throw each punch at about 80% of your full power. (Not as hard as you can, but hard enough.)

We will aim for 6 consecutive rounds of 3 minutes each. This will be very tough and so remember to breathe and rest a full 60 seconds between each round. If at any point your shoulders feel exhausted or you begin to feel light headed from the exertion then take a break for a moment and continue as soon as you are able. Below will be photos of the combination that you should be working on for that particular round. Underneath the photo will be some technical pointers that you should consider for that specific round.

Round 1 – The Jab and then Cross Sprint

  • Remember that your elbows should be kept in nice and tight towards your core.
  • The jab and the cross are straight punches that are thrown in a straight line.
  • Keep the shoulder of the arm throwing the punch, up high enough to protect your chin.
  • Keep the hand of the arm not throw a punch up high for defense.

Rest for 60 seconds and then continue on to Round 2.

Round 2 - Uppercut Sprints

  • A trick here is to try and be fast enough so that you can control the bag and keep it at a slight angle in front of you.
  • It is not necessary to fully return the hand that is not punching all the way back up to your head for this round. Yet those shoulders should always remain high enough to protect your chin.
  • Keep your hands moving and try to go for speed over power for this round.
  • Remember to use your legs and core as much as possible to throw the punches
  • Keep your chin down but eyes up looking at the center of the bag.

Rest for 60 seconds and then continue on to Round 3.

Round 3 - Hooks to the Body Sprints

  • Remember to snap your shots off of the bag to save your wrists.
  • Save your energy by rotating your core to throw the punches. It is your legs and core muscles that should be doing the lion’s share of the work here.

Rest for 60 seconds and then continue on to Round 4.

Round 4 - Hooks to the Head Sprints

  • Rinse and repeat what you did in Round 4 but this time aim your punches higher up, to about eye level. You are about to find out what your shoulders are made of.

Rest for 60 seconds and then continue on to Round 5.

Round 5 – The Double Jab then Cross Sprint

  • Keep a good rhythm as you control the bag.
  • Don’t forget to exhale with each and every punch.
  • As always snap those punches off of the bag to save your wrists so that you can train once again tomorrow.

Rest for 60 seconds and then continue on to Round 6.

Round 6 –the Double Jab, Cross, Jab and then Cross

  • That is a five punch combination that will have your shoulders burning and you gasping for air in no time. It is all mind over matter and if you don’t mind then it doesn't matter. Hang in there because you are almost done.
  • If you feel exhausted, then just ease up on the power, keep breathing and keep those hands moving until the end of the round.

If you were able to finish this Intermediate Heavy Bag Workout … then kudos to you! This style of interval training is a superior type of training that will have you getting into the greatest shape of your entire life. I would recommend that you try and complete this intermediate routine three times a week, for a couple of months, before you move on to the grueling 10 round Advanced Heavy Bag Routine.

If you still have any questions on how to perform this particular routine then perhaps a video demonstration may help.

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