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Learn How to Use the Double-Ended Bag

Posted by Mikes Gales on

People have often seen the Double-ended Bag in the movies or at a gym and they feel an impulsive urge to give it try. Yet after only a few punches, that enthusiasm is quickly abandoned and they quit. They become intimidated by the bag as it can be a little tricky at first and they don’t wish to look foolish to any bystanders that may be watching. The Double-ended Bag is attached to the floor and to the ceiling by bungee cables. When you make contact with the bag, the elastic properties of the cables will have the bag swinging all over the place, making it difficult to strike. Yet once you grasp the general concept of how to use the Double-ended Bag, it can be a fun way of getting yourself into phenomenal shape. So, in this article, we will go over some basic principles that will have you working out on the Double-ended Bag like a pro in only a few minutes.

The Double-ended Bag is great for;

  • Cardio
  • Muscular endurance
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Best of all, it destroys calories as it will keep you constantly moving.

The Double-ended Bag is perfect if you have injured joints;

The fact that the Double-ended Bag is suspended by bungee cables means that it has some give to it. That will drastically limit the impact on your joints as compared to a solid target like the Heavy Bag. The workout is also great for those that may have a mild knee injury, as they can choose to stand in place and work the bag. Even without any accompanying footwork, the Double-ended Bag engages a lot of muscles and before you know it, you will be drenched in sweat and burning a ton of calories.

Always wrap your hands;

Even though the impact on your wrists will be mild compared to hitting the Heavy Bag, you still want to protect your hands from any friction from the within the gloves. Thus it will always be a good idea to properly wrap your hands before working out on the Double-ended Bag. If you are unsure how to properly wrap your hands then click on the link below for a detail video demonstration.

You must wear proper gloves;

The bag is attached above and below by bungee cords and you do not want to injure your hands on those attachments. There is no point risking an injury if you don’t need to. Thus I always advise that you take caution and use gloves to strike the Double-ended Bag.

How to stand;

Assume a proper boxing stance.

You will want to assume a proper boxing stance as you work out on the Double-ended Bag. Angle your lead shoulder towards your target. Stand close enough so that you can reach the bag by extending your lead arm, but be cautious not to stand so close that the bag can hit you as it rebounds back towards you.

Next, start off slow by throwing only one jab at a time. Nothing fancy, just throw the one jab and then reset yourself in your boxing stance. What you are looking to do, is to get used to making contact with the Double-ended Bag. Take notice how the bag bounces back and forth after being stuck. Let the bag come to a complete stop and then throw another jab. The most important thing to note is that you want to control your jab and not hyperextend your arm trying to reach a bag that is moving away from you.

Use the jab only and note the rhythm of the bag.

Once you have thrown a dozen or so punches with your lead hand, try to repeat the same procedure using your rear hand only. Remember that your punches need not be too hard, just try to make contact with a straight punch from your rear hand. Make sure to note the rhythm of the Double-ended Bag as it bounces back and forth after being struck. Deferent bags may produce different rhythms dependent on how taught the cables were installed. Take a few moments to get used to the particular rhythm of the bag that you will be using.

Use the cross only and note the rhythm of the bag.

The looping punches like the hooks will change the direction in which the bag travels. The bag will no longer be moving back and forth towards you, instead, it will now move from side to side. Remember that you should not be trying to swing for the fences. You will want to simply focus on continually making contact with the bag. There is no need to throw the punches with a huge amount of power.

After you have tried your share of crosses on the bag, you will repeat the procedure that you used for the jab but instead you will throw a hook with your lead hand only. Make note of both the path that the bag travels and the rhythm as it bounces around in that horizontal plane.

Use a lead hook only and note the direction and rhythm of the bag.

Once more, repeat the same procure but make contact using your rear hook only.

Use a rear hook only and note the direction and rhythm of the bag.

Notice the physics here, that straight punches will have the bag moving back and forth in a straight line towards you. The hooks will have the bag moving from side to side. You can use that knowledge to control the Double-ended Bag. For example, if the bag is moving in a horizontal plane then a hook will be an easier punch to land on the bag. Likewise, if the bag is traveling in a pattern that sees it moving back and forth in front of you then a straight punch is an easier option.

Your eureka moment will be when you realize that by moving your feet and changing position, you can easily put yourself at an angle where the bag is either traveling back and forth or from side to side in front of you. All you need to do is take a split second to note the pattern of the bag, then use your feet to get yourself into a position where the bag is traveling back and forth in front of you. Then it once again becomes as easy as the drills that you were just practicing.

Your main goal, in the beginning, should be to simply make contact with the bag.

Take your time and learn to control the bag. Just remember that the straight punches have the bag moving back and forth towards you while the hooks change that pattern from side to side. If at anytime you feel that the bag is out of control, remember to move your feet into a position where the bag is once again moving in a pattern that you feel comfortable with. Speed will come in time, in the beginning, just get used to making contact with the bag. Try to keep your hands moving and develop a nice rhythm as you work the Double-ended Bag.

Workouts using the Double-ended Bag are just awesome because they engage your entire body and before you know it you have destroyed a ton of calories. Time just seems to fly by as you are too busy and focused on controlling the movement of the bag to get bored. Twenty minutes will seem like two and you will be soaking wet in your own sweat. Someone may just have to call the police on you because you just murdered a bunch of calories.

Lastly, please don’t worry about other people watching you. Even world champion boxers had to start out somewhere. Take your time and remember to have fun and this will be a great source of cardio that you can add to your fitness regiment. Once you have practiced a little bit and have gotten used to how Double-ended Bag works, then it is time to try out a beginner’s routine.

Are you a visual person? If so, watch the video below.

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