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Give The Gift of Fitness This Mother Day

Posted by Mike Gales on

Hey there fellow fitness enthusiasts,

Don’t forget that this coming Sunday May the 8th is Mother’s Day and that gives you the opportunity to honor the person that brought you into this world. I know that some of you may no longer have your Mom with you and I’m sorry for that but I’m sure that you know a Mom that could use a little encouragement. Show all of the mothers in your life appreciation because being a mom has to be the hardest job on the planet. I was adopted and I love my foster mother dearly. I usually buy her flowers and take her out for dinner to celebrate the day, but this year I am going to do something a little different.

This February my foster mother turned 78 and with age, she has had a couple of health issues creep up over the past few years. One of which was something called macular degeneration that left her vision very limited. Needless to say that with her vision diminished she began to stop doing many of her usual activities and she became sedentary and a sad truth about our human bodies is that “if you don’t use it…you lose it."

I am a big believer in practicing what I preach and a large part of my evangelization has to do with fitness. Keeping with my philosophy that a healthy body leads to a happier life, I wanted to give my Mom a means to help her recapture her health instead of the usual cards, flowers and diner.

So I got the idea of putting together a little “fitness Basket” to encourage her to start being more active. In a perfect world I would have picked her out a gym membership but sadly I don’t live in the same town to take her to the gym every day and with her now fading vision she cannot make it there on her own. That is why this idea of a “fitness basket” became all the more practical in my case because it will supply her with everything that she needs to get back into shape without having to leave home.

What I put into my “fitness gift basket”:

  • Exercise Resistance Bands: I bought her 3 exercise bands with different resistance levels so that she could get those stiff muscles working gain. Far too many seniors let their muscles atrophy and waste away which really diminishes their mobility and thus their quality of life. Yet that can be greatly halted with a resistance training program; not to mention that resistance training also helps fight off osteoporosis. The reason that I chose the resistance bands is because they provide a great muscle toning workout without the danger of a falling dumbbell. If you are looking for ideas to create your own resistance band exercise routines then check out the Everlast Nutrition YouTube channel in the link below. 
  • A Personalized Workout DVD: I put together a little video that I shot from my smart phone showing her exactly how to configure the bands and how to perform each of the exercises. I then sat in a chair and did a complete routine that she could easily follow. This a great idea because it is very personalized with me directly encouraging her;
  • “Come on Ma, you can do it, don’t you quit”
  • I then used the editing software that comes with any PC to add some of her favorite songs to the background and then created a DVD. All that she needs to do is grab her resistance bands, pull up a chair and plop in the DVD.
  • Protein: Now that I have her engaging her muscles with a little resistance training, I want to make sure that those muscles have the proper nutrition that they need to grow and recover, so that she can maximize her results. I must admit she was a little reluctant to try a protein shake but once she saw how tasty they could be, she was definitely on board. Check out this Everlast Nutrition site for some great smoothie recipes and tips.
  • Hydration Drink: For whatever reason my Mon doesn’t like drinking plain old water, yet staying properly hydrated when working out is extremely important. So I added a few boxes of Everlast Fuel to her fitness basket because the Fuel sticks are so simple to use. She can add one stick to a bottle of water before her little workout routine to improve the taste and she will also have everything that she needs to feel energized for a great workout without having any caffeine.(remember that she is close 80 and so I’d rather avoid any type of stimulants)
  • A fancy Water Bottle: This was mostly just an incentive to get her to drink more fluids and stay hydrated. I got her a flashy red bottle that added color to my little basket.
  • A little Towel: A little towel always comes in handy to wipe away the sweat as she puts in some hard work but it was also another colorful addition to the basket.
  • A Workout T-Shirt: You can order custom t-shirts online for under 20 bucks. I picked out a purple one (her favorite color) that said Peggy (that’s her name) is getting lean and mean for 2016! ( come on that rhymes  )

The whole point of my little fitness basket was to motivate her to become more active. In her basket she has everything that she needs to start a resistance training program that she can do without leaving her home.

Some other quick ideas depending on your Mom’s Age and Fitness Level:

  • Gym Membership: This could be a great gift but just remember that sometimes what you say is not as important as how you say it; “Ummmm here is a gym membership Mom!!” may leave her feeling a little offended. So perhaps; “Mom there is a great gym near you and I know that you would just love a few of their classes and so I got you this membership” is a better way to frame it.
  • Fitness Heart Tracker: These are great new little gadgets that can track your heart rate and give you feed back about how intense your workouts have been.
  • MP3 Player: This has to be one of the most underrated yet greatest additions to anyone’s gym gear. Listening to your own motivational music as you work out can really help you go that extra mile.
  • A Spa Day: For all of those moms who already put in that max effort at the gym maybe some nice relaxing down time is just what they need. A great relaxing spa day and massage maybe be perfect to recharge and reenergize those batteries.
  • Yoga Mat: Maybe Mom does floor exercises at home or at a studio. Either way it’s always best to have your own mat as opposed to using the floor or a mat from the gym that tons of other people have sweat all over.
  • New Gym Outfit: This could be a great little motivator because when you look good, you feel good and having cool new gym gear may have Mom feeling more comfortable. There are new technological advances in workout gear that make gym clothing more functional then it was back in the day. Having a stylish gym shirt that disperse sweat to keep you cool and dry is a great gift for a Mom who trains hard at the gym.
  • New Running Shoes: Any avid gym goer is going to really appreciate a good pair of shoes. Most women have gym routines that are very cardio oriented. That equates to a lot of running on the Treadmill, Spinning Classes, Cross Fit, Aerobics, Zumba etc. and all of those things are so much easier to do if you don’t have sore feet.

These gift ideas may seem a little unorthodox but the flowers will die in a week and the dinner digest by the next morning but helping the Mothers in your life improve their fitness level can keep them around for many Mother’s Day celebrations to come… and that is a great gift

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